Mills Wong Solution Architect

  • Master Degree in Occupational Psychology from the University of Nottingham.
  • Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences from the University of Hong Kong

Mills is a registered Industrial-Organizational Psychologist and RTHK 捉心理 Program Host and Mind & Life Magazine Column Writer.

Mills was the Regional Head of L&D and Talent Management at Fortune 100 Multi National Corporations and a management consultant in a global consulting firm.

Mills built the Development Centre for CEO successors and implemented an award winning Talent Management System that saved millions of spending on recruitment of top executives for a Fortune 100 financial corporation. __In ROCK, he had set up a novel coaching practice and a skill installation system for one of the largest jewelry companies. In 2 years, it increased the sales values by 46%, number of diamond sold by 58% and global mystery shopper score from below average to top 3. This success case extended to GZ, SZ and BJ and finally attained a training award in HK as a result.

About change leadership, Mills tailor-made a modular change leadership program for a leading retailing group in China. It trained up 200+ general managers in 2 years to adopt O2O strategies. Throughout the process, 32 change projects were created and implemented.

To remedy the customer retention ratio for a Fortune Top 10 corporation, Mills designed a series of customer centricity workshops. In the journey, 32 classes were launched in 2 years that covered 800 participants which included staff in call centres and back office in China & HK and top management in Malaysia.

Furthermore, for a financial MNCs, Mills had customized a talent development program for 2 years. Thru which, he successfully facilitated 4 of the senior talents to advance to be executive committee members and 80% of the participants had been qualified for career advancement.

What's More

As a Psychologist, Mills knows the importance of work life balance, so …

He likes watching movies, especially for psychological thriller type, like Seven, Fight Club, Sixth Sense & SAW

He still loves Arsenal FC even though it has not won premier league trophy for years

His shortsightedness becomes more serious but doesn’t stop him winning some snooker tournaments

He hadn’t won any tennis tournaments (amateur) after 32, like his idol Roger Federer

Professional Designations:

  • Occupational Testing Practitioner certified by British Psychological Society
  • Micro Expression Master Trainer
  • 10-Minute JIT Coaching Master Trainer
  • Big-5 Profile and 360 Assessment Certified Facilitator
  • Facet 5 Certified Facilitator
  • SHL OPQ Certified Facilitator and Assessment Centre Observer
  • Hogan Assessment Certified Facilitator
  • MBTI Step 1 & 2 Administer
  • DDI Learning System Facilitator
  • PDI 360 Profilor Certified Facilitator
  • Certified Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner
  • Applied Play Therapy (APT) Certified Educator