Frankie Tsang Learning Architect

  • Master Degree in Human Resources Management
  • Bachelor Degree in Land Management (General Practice Surveying)

Frankie is a seasoned people developer, an award winning change agent and was RTHK 捉心理 Program Speaker.

Frankie was the Head of Human Resource Development and Talent Development of a Fortune 500 Corporation. He also spent a few years in eternal consultancy as a management consultant. He has been engaging himself in uncovering peoples’ potentials for over 16 years. He respects diversity, values uniqueness and helps discover possibilities
Frankie is a training expert with creativity and dynamics. In the past decade, he is dedicated in developing talents and initiating changes for both government bodies and MNCs.

He helped initiate change for a government body operating under trading funds through implanting competency development infrastructure. The project, "To excel Through Teamwork" Competence Development Program for supervisors was awarded by ASTD Excellence in Practice in Performance Improvement Category in 2004.

Frankie adopted a brand new coaching approach, 10-minute JIT Coaching Approach, for changing the way of field performance coaching of the store supervisors of a leading jewelry retail company. It turned out increasing the sales by 46%, quantity sold by 58% and becoming top 3 of the world in customer service scores. 80% of participants got promoted in 1.5 years and JIT coaching finally won a training award.

Moreover, he built the Development Centre for the succession pipeline of the world largest toy company and successfully deployed talents of knowledge expert for training delivery in order for better knowledge management for the company. Frankie was also the business partner of various GMs of manufacturing plants in HK & China. He facilitated offsite meetings every year for formulating blue ocean strategies and tactics for sharpening the edges.

What's More

To walk the talk as a professional people developer, Frankie definitely hasn’t forgotten to develop himself ..... in various social aspects!
He is a movie lover, especially for those with inspirational messages about life and love.

He plays badminton every week with his own a team called Budminton, meaning “Badminton Buddies”.

He is a rational perfectionist who values all beautiful creatures and things in life.
He is totally aware of all the trendy stuffs in the universe.

Professional Designations:

  • Micro Expression Master Trainer
  • 10-Minute JIT Coaching Master Trainer
  • Big 5 Profile Certified Facilitator
  • Ocapi Change Progress Analysis Certified Facilitator
  • Cognitive Process Profile Facilitator
  • SHL OPQ Certified Facilitator and Assessment Centre Observer
  • Hogan Assessment Certified Facilitator
  • Certified Interpreter of DISC
  • DDI Learning System Facilitator
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Certified Enneagram Trainer
  • Certified Coach of “First 90 Days”
  • Certified Trainer of the program “Manager as Coach – The SPOT Coaching Approach”
  • Certified Instructional System Designer