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A ground-breaking innovation. Have you ever imagined yourself learning in another universe?
Or interacting with people in Virtual Reality?
Our flagship creation: VR-Learning.
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Craving for a bite-size solution? How about learning through fun and insightful video clips?
Our popular product: V-Learning.
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Struggling with product knowledge, concept and process?
Here you have a fun and easy solution.
Our product that does the best at concept illustration: M-Learning.

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Being innovative doesn’t mean we have given up on the tradition.
Even with the same slideshow format, our content design makes the difference.
Our product that does the best lectures: W-Learning.
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About Loook

LoooK Training is a training consultant company comprised of 3 entities: ROCK, 3CIRCLES and 2BeGuru. We provide one-stop service of corporate learning solutions.
Each of our talent consultants possesses over 10 years of business and training experience. In the last 12 months, they conducted 250 days of training for over 4000 participants ranged from professional staff, front-line staffs to executive staffs.


LIME creates a learning management system (LMS) and online platform for knowledge sharing. We provide personalized learning experience and deliver knowledge through contemporary knowledge technology.
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3CIRCLES combines psychology, technology and experience to provide e-learning products. We are committed to reform e-learning approaches and reshape learning behaviors with VR,video and animation.
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ROCK is specialized in providing customized talent development and leadership training program. We unleash people's latent talents and construct corporate leadership pipelines for sustainability.
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