3-min-learning video to enhance the

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Design Principle #1


Narrative learning can stimulate learners’ emotional memory, thereby helping them better remember key information.

In daily life, we often use storytelling techniques to connect different pieces of information, so we also incorporate storytelling into our learning content.

Design Principle #2

Bite-Sized Learning

People’s attention span is about 2 minutes and 30 seconds when watching videos.

We create an e-course by using several 2~3-minute videos to divide knowledge into small and accurate parts that can be quickly inputted into learners’ brains. Research shows that bite-sized learning can increase learners’ memory retention of knowledge by an average of 15%.

Design Principle #3

Solution Based

We don’t just randomly watch a learning video.

Effective learning is based on learners’ strong need to solve the problems they care about. Just like learning new words, most people don’t flip through a dictionary and memorize every page. Instead, they only look up a word when they encounter one they don’t know.

Therefore, our videos are categorized by problem and scenario to enhance learning motivation and memory retention, and to increase practicality.

Design Principle #4

Interactive Video

People want to have choices and control over the outcome.

Gamifying learning content allows learners to participate in the story’s direction, which can not only enhance engagement and memory retention but also check learners’ understanding of the course.



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