1. Why virtual reality learning?

Imagine you are going on an important trip to an unfamiliar place. To ensure that you are arriving on time, you need to memorize the route as accurate as possible. Would you choose to watch a tutorial video or a VR display of the route? VR display experiences activate your “real-life” autobiographic memory which comprises a large set of operations, such as self-reflection, emotional evaluation and semantic processes. The rich array of information constructed in the mental representation facilitates correct recognition decisions.

Therefore, virtual reality learning enables you to accurately remember new knowledge through rich details.

2. Is virtual reality learning reliable?

Virtual reality learning can bring new experiences to companies and participants, so some companies are concerned about the reliability of this technology. In fact, as of May 2023, as many as 70+ companies and schools, with 6800+ participants, have participated in our virtual reality learning courses, including soft skills and customized courses. After accumulating a diversity of experiences, our virtual reality learning technology has become quite mature and reliable.

3. Is the cost of virtual reality training high?

Our trainers have rich internal training experience, so we understand your needs clearly. Therefore, we use 360-degree panoramic shooting to replace expensive 3D models, aiming to create suitable training courses for you at the most reasonable cost.

4. Is it difficult to set up virtual reality learning scenarios?

Unlike the virtual reality devices seen on the market, our system does not require the installation of VR sensors. With just one handheld device, you can conduct training anytime, anywhere, reducing all unnecessary worries.

5. Is virtual reality training difficult to operate?

Considering the diversity of players, we hope to avoid any unpleasant experiences for players during the process of learning operational skills. We use the simplest and most user-friendly way to conduct virtual reality training, which does not require operating a remote control but can still make different choices.

6. Is virtual reality learning only suitable for individual use?

Considering the cost and participation, our virtual reality learning can be used by individuals or groups. Through carefully designed course content, we ensure that different participants can enjoy the learning experience.

7. Can I teach classes on my own?

Of course. We also offer Train-the-Trainer courses, teaching all course highlights and teaching skills, allowing you to conduct relevant training within the company at any time.

Any other questions, or would you like to learn more?